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50CC…..Day 1


Day one is down on the books!  And it’s been a long and mostly good one.

Yesterday, Nic started off first.  He got out of town around 7 and braved the solo drive to Utah. Good weather and pretty good times as him arriving at my parents house in Pleasant Grove at about midnight. His first day was over 830 miles, and he was back to it this morning!

We were a bit behind schedule this morning with loading up, so we didn’t hit the suggesting about 10:30. It has been a perfect day for riding…..except for the wind. The !#®\$/ wind. The trike is really heavy, so alone it’s less of a worry than a 2-wheel machine. Unfortunately, having a driver on top of a tall trike provides a LOT of profile for the wind to hit. It was tiring. However, not constant. We arrived in Las Vegas at about 2:30 in time for a lovely lunch of ibuprofen.

As soon as we finished lunch (there was real food) Nic suddenly felt very unwell. Rather than risk him feeling worse, we parted ways with our other rider, Grant, and decided to stay the night in Vegas. We’ll work to catch up to the other 50cc riders tomorrow in time to depart Saturday morning.

Things I have learned today:
1. Lemon Pledge is just about the best windscreen and visor cleaner around.
2. I can only get on and off the trike from one side. I am not an ambi-mounter.
3. I still hate the desert
4. My cursing gets really creative when being buffeted by the wind at 80mph
5. I am RIDICULOUSLY proud of my husband. I don’t think he planned on this sort of insanity when he married me….and he’s killing like a champ!

For those following along….Hostage is also a champ. He gives me a little fist bump every gas stop, and he’s not yet eaten a single bug.


Hot tub and ibuprofen for dinner I think. Check you all tomorrow!


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