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50cc Prep….no photo

OK….no photo with this update……but I just realized that at this time next week I will be on a plane to meet up with Jawbreaker (my pops) so we can start this crazy quest!!

I can’t believe I am actually going to get on a bike (ok….TRIKE) and attempt going coast to coast in 50 hours.  If we are successful, we will achieve the following certs:

  • Saddle Sore: 1000 miles in 24 hours
  • Bun Burner: 1500 miles in 36 hours
  • 50cc: coast to coast in 50 hours

Oh. My. Lord.

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50CC Prep…..T-9 days

My theory is that the published page 50CC map will update as we get on this trip with our current location.  Take a look over on the left side of this page…..down the menu……find Pages.  There it is!  50CC route map.  I have signed up this trip with Spotwalla, which will ping for our location every 15 minutes or so and place a pin on the map.  There’s going to be a LOT of pins.

Just in case the page is not working… can look us up direct!

The trip starts on the 4th when I fly down to Utah… it’s going to look really boring right now.  However, if you go to the link I just provided, I believe you can leave messages!  Neat, right?  Messages get attached to the pins…..then I can check them each night.  Or at least each night that I am not totally exhausted.

Plenty of time and space for more donations!  List your pledge per mile…..our goal is 2,334 miles in 50 hours, and a pledge of $0.10 per mile we complete in those 50 hours makes a huge difference….even if we only make it 1,000 miles!  Make your pledge here, or make your donation at

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Prep…T-12 Days

The easy part: Booking the flight. And, thanks to good people, finding a dog/house sitter.

The harder part: paying for all the gear I had to replace.  This will be detailed in the “my attempt to pack” post coming soon….

The crappy part:


In March I discovered I had a partially torn Achilles tendon.  I spent March in a boot – this boot – so that I could heal and be ready for this ride.  Two nights ago all the things around my ankle and heel started feeling “wrong” all over again.  So I am back in the boot and will see a specialist in a couple of days and find out REALLY what’s going on.

This does NOT stop the ride!  The backup plan is that I will end up riding with Nic rather than on my own.  While this would mean that I would not get the ride certification, it will mean that we might end up with pictures along the way.  WIN!

There is a backup plan for the ride….which is not ideal but totally OK.  There is not, however, a backup plan for teaching my MixxedFit classes.  I can’t “sort of” teach.  This is tremendously frustrating…..for over a month one of my closest friends has been covering for me at the personal cost of teaching and extra 4 hours a week (that means teaching EVERY day for several hours now) and missing her kids because she doesn’t get home until 10 EVERY night.  This ankle owes her!

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First Prep

So….got Nic’s bike ready for the ride. New tires, fluids and oil changed, new brakes.   Luckily the Thunderbird has the same attitude!




And just to be clear….Triumph of Seattle is fantastic and gets a LOT of our money 🙂


Don’t forget to make a donation…. Our ride is helping bring visibility to Alpha1 and raise funds for our friend Steve….he needs a double lung transplant. We are shooting for 2,334 miles…..pledge per mile that we complete and make your donation at

Next prep coming up…..

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Making an A-1 Run for Alpha1



Coming up in only a matter of days is our 50cc challenge ride.  We have 50 hours to make it from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast.  Riding May 7-9. PHEW! I’m exhausted (and a little terrified) just thinking about it!

This ride has started off as an amazing experience with my dad that I refused to let pass me by.  He’s my best bud, and been my coach for all things dangerous, exciting, and life-altering  (there is a whole separate post coming about that).  One thing that my pops doesn’t shy away from is helping others.  If there is an inkling that someone needs help, he’s all over it!  So when I discovered that my friends husband needs a lung transplant, I was not going to sit idly by…..


Steve Bailey is a dedicated husband, father, and mentor.  Four years ago he was diagnosed with Alpha1 which is a genetic disease that causes a deficiency in a particular protein that protects the lungs from all the bad stuff out in the world.  In the four years since diagnosis, Steve has gone from 100% lung capacity to about 33% capacity….and he’s only holding at that high because of the injections he gets regularly.  Stem cell therapy does not work on Alpha1, and so Steve is facing a double lung transplant.  DOUBLE!


Steve has been an avid biker nearly his whole life, and instilled in his kids a love of two wheels!  The financial burden facing this family is enormous: surgery, lost income, and medication for the rest of forever.  So what better way to help this guy out, than putting our miles to work for him…

Here are your options…..all easy!

  1. Pledge per mile that we complete in 50 hours. Our goal is 2,338 miles in that short little bit of time.  Pledge any amount per mile that you want, list it below, and then complete your donation at  Even $0.01 per mile is terrific and adds up!
  2. Straight up make a donation.  go to and drop some pennies in the jar.
  3. Donate $50 or more before May 1st, and get a bottle of sand from both coasts collected on our journey!
  4. Donate $100 or more before May 1st, and get on the RIDE LIST to complete our trek home as a giant Bailey-loving motorcycle group.  We’ll be coming home on the 13th or so of May, and this will be the info on hooking up for the last bit of the ride to Pleasant Grove.  Estimated 200 miles – with meet up locations on the way.

I’ll be riding with my #TeamTeve flag waving….all 2,338 miles down and lots more miles home!

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50CC…And So It Begins

We are just under the one month mark to departing on our 50cc motorcycle trip, and as I would like to document and share as much of this as possible I thought I’d post a little history and preparatory info for y’all!


The Iron Butt Association (IBA) “certifies” certain rides for motorcycles/trikes.  These are rides for endurance, time, and general craziness.  My father, known in this series as Jawbreaker, started down this road of derangement a few years back when he took on the Saddle Sore…Since then he has completed:

  • Saddle Sore – 1000 miles in 24 hours or less (completed it 3+ times)
  • Bun Burner – 1500 miles in 36 hours or less (completed it 3+ times)
  • Saddle Sore 5,000 – 5,000 miles in 5 days or less
  • Border to Border – Mexico to Canada borders in 48 hours or less (no longer offered)
  • 48/10 – hit all 48 contiguous States in 10 days or less

And now, as with all terrifying moments in my life, I have embarked on this adventure with my father.  We will be attempting the 50cc in May…getting from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast in 50 hours or less. That’s right…..50 HOURS.

The Plan:

The official ride is from San Diego, CA, to Jacksonville, FL, and looks something like this:


We have 50 hours to meet this challenge…and our current plan has us arriving in Jacksonville at about hour 46.  We are planning on 1200 miles day one to get to San Antonio, 900 miles day two to St. Petersburg, and 200 miles day 3 into Jacksonville.

Also part of the plan is getting a tattoo at the end to commemorate this journey of madness, but that will be later.

How you can get involved:

This ride started out as just entertainment and as a challenge, but has grown so much!  We are also asking for pledges per mile that we complete during our 50 hours to raise money for TeamTeve and getting Steve Bailey a lung transplant!  More details will be published….but please consider helping save a mans life and pledge whatever you can!  Even $0.01 per mile adds up!

Donations will be collected via and go straight to helping Steve see another decade or two with his kiddos.  We will be flying the TeamTeve logo flag and giving out info wherever we can!

We’ll try to communicate via FaceBook, Twitter, and the Blog where we can……hope you follow along!

Ok….now I need to go sort out what gear needs to be replaced, and get SirSql over to the dealership for new tires!