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Happy Noms Accident

Yes….I am spending the space and time of my first advertised post on my new blog space to review a less-than-healthy food choice.  Directly following all my healthy living choices.  Somedays….you just need unhealthy.  Don’t judge.

Today for lunch we decided to depart the office building and head down to the food truck pod down the street.  This corner has struggled with getting trucks in and being regular, and it seems someone has finally taken the reigns (  I went for a grilled chicken sandwich at Nomad Curbside while my co-workers opted for Off the Rez tacos.

I will be brief with my review.  Nomad was great with accepting cards as well as checks, slow with the service, and got my order wrong.  And if getting a bacon burger like this instead of a chicken grilled sammie is wrong….I don’t want to be right.

Sure, I had to wait what felt like too long to get my food…..but my co-workers had to wait just as long before they ordered.  The burger was fantastic and I will totally splurge there again.  Hope more Seattle-ites support the local businesses like this and these folks all stick around!