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50CC?…..In The Desert

Yesterday we wandered through the California desert and through Joshua Tree National Park to end up in 29 Palms. The day turned out to be great for riding….. We would have had no weather issues if we’d trucked out for the actual 50cc. However, if we HAD gone, you know the rai would have been on display….because that’s how luck works.

Highlight of MY day was finding a family owned market in Westmorland that served Date Shakes. 


The ride through Joshua Tree was very cool. There aren’t eroded areas of rock….its all piles of boulders. It looks like the Gods had a marbles game and just let it lie.



We arrived in 29 Palms around 5 and found a place at the El Rancho Dolores motel. About 50 separate rooms that are made for road travelers…..kitchenette, extra floor space…..and it is something right out if the 1950s. We also found the Palm Kebob House for dinner and introduced my dad to Kebob and Schwarma. It was sooooo gooooood!  I’d have taken a picture, but didn’t out the fork down long enough.

Today we go through Lake Havasu and on to Williams, AZ.  Figured we couldn’t be on this trip with the English boy and not go see the London Bridge in Lake Havasu!

The other groups on the 59cc have reported in and are all safe. The lead group of 5 left at 4am yesterday and look like they will make Jacksonville tonight! The second group that has 3 riders and 1 passenger split up with bike trouble…. 2 riders stayed in New Mexico and the rider plus passenger moved along solo. They look like they might make it tomorrow morning. So we are scattered all over this country!

Time to go pack up. Report from Arizona coming later…..


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