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In Which Girly Girl Gets A New Lunch Bag…..

My daughter L.O.V.E.S Monster High.  As an alternative to Barbie…..I can get behind this.  Everything she could find for school this year in the Monster High theme, she went with: backpack, lunch box, notebooks, headphones, and anything where the colors reminded her of characters.  But a week ago, her beloved Monster High lunch box went missing.  It was very tragic….and not another one has been easily found.  So, while I know that I could probably pop onto Amazon and order one…..Crafty Mom decides to make something instead.

I used a pattern from The Long Thread that I found pretty quickly thanks to Google.  It was easy to follow….and finding the website has provided some great inspiration!  However, I did not have the exact materials suggested, so I improvised.  I used 100% cotton that was supposed to become a crop jacket for Girly Girl, a cut up tablecloth from the dollar store that had been used at our wedding reception last month, and scrap fleece from making scarves for my nieces a million years ago.  My original idea had been to use a zipper to close the opening, but I did not have a separating zipper handy… there is velcro instead.




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