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Making an A-1 Run for Alpha1



Coming up in only a matter of days is our 50cc challenge ride.  We have 50 hours to make it from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast.  Riding May 7-9. PHEW! I’m exhausted (and a little terrified) just thinking about it!

This ride has started off as an amazing experience with my dad that I refused to let pass me by.  He’s my best bud, and been my coach for all things dangerous, exciting, and life-altering  (there is a whole separate post coming about that).  One thing that my pops doesn’t shy away from is helping others.  If there is an inkling that someone needs help, he’s all over it!  So when I discovered that my friends husband needs a lung transplant, I was not going to sit idly by…..


Steve Bailey is a dedicated husband, father, and mentor.  Four years ago he was diagnosed with Alpha1 which is a genetic disease that causes a deficiency in a particular protein that protects the lungs from all the bad stuff out in the world.  In the four years since diagnosis, Steve has gone from 100% lung capacity to about 33% capacity….and he’s only holding at that high because of the injections he gets regularly.  Stem cell therapy does not work on Alpha1, and so Steve is facing a double lung transplant.  DOUBLE!


Steve has been an avid biker nearly his whole life, and instilled in his kids a love of two wheels!  The financial burden facing this family is enormous: surgery, lost income, and medication for the rest of forever.  So what better way to help this guy out, than putting our miles to work for him…

Here are your options…..all easy!

  1. Pledge per mile that we complete in 50 hours. Our goal is 2,338 miles in that short little bit of time.  Pledge any amount per mile that you want, list it below, and then complete your donation at  Even $0.01 per mile is terrific and adds up!
  2. Straight up make a donation.  go to and drop some pennies in the jar.
  3. Donate $50 or more before May 1st, and get a bottle of sand from both coasts collected on our journey!
  4. Donate $100 or more before May 1st, and get on the RIDE LIST to complete our trek home as a giant Bailey-loving motorcycle group.  We’ll be coming home on the 13th or so of May, and this will be the info on hooking up for the last bit of the ride to Pleasant Grove.  Estimated 200 miles – with meet up locations on the way.

I’ll be riding with my #TeamTeve flag waving….all 2,338 miles down and lots more miles home!


2 thoughts on “Making an A-1 Run for Alpha1

  1. Hey it’s Jennifer Carlisle I was wondering about a shirt xl hope he gets his dream and a transplant

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