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Prep…T-12 Days

The easy part: Booking the flight. And, thanks to good people, finding a dog/house sitter.

The harder part: paying for all the gear I had to replace.  This will be detailed in the “my attempt to pack” post coming soon….

The crappy part:


In March I discovered I had a partially torn Achilles tendon.  I spent March in a boot – this boot – so that I could heal and be ready for this ride.  Two nights ago all the things around my ankle and heel started feeling “wrong” all over again.  So I am back in the boot and will see a specialist in a couple of days and find out REALLY what’s going on.

This does NOT stop the ride!  The backup plan is that I will end up riding with Nic rather than on my own.  While this would mean that I would not get the ride certification, it will mean that we might end up with pictures along the way.  WIN!

There is a backup plan for the ride….which is not ideal but totally OK.  There is not, however, a backup plan for teaching my MixxedFit classes.  I can’t “sort of” teach.  This is tremendously frustrating…..for over a month one of my closest friends has been covering for me at the personal cost of teaching and extra 4 hours a week (that means teaching EVERY day for several hours now) and missing her kids because she doesn’t get home until 10 EVERY night.  This ankle owes her!


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