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50CC Prep…..T-9 days

My theory is that the published page 50CC map will update as we get on this trip with our current location.  Take a look over on the left side of this page…..down the menu……find Pages.  There it is!  50CC route map.  I have signed up this trip with Spotwalla, which will ping for our location every 15 minutes or so and place a pin on the map.  There’s going to be a LOT of pins.

Just in case the page is not working… can look us up direct!

The trip starts on the 4th when I fly down to Utah… it’s going to look really boring right now.  However, if you go to the link I just provided, I believe you can leave messages!  Neat, right?  Messages get attached to the pins…..then I can check them each night.  Or at least each night that I am not totally exhausted.

Plenty of time and space for more donations!  List your pledge per mile…..our goal is 2,334 miles in 50 hours, and a pledge of $0.10 per mile we complete in those 50 hours makes a huge difference….even if we only make it 1,000 miles!  Make your pledge here, or make your donation at


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